7 Things All Mermaid Lovers Need On International Mermaid Day!

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What Every Mermaid Lover Needs To Buy On International Mermaid Day

March 29th is International Mermaid Day! It’s a day to celebrate all things fishy and fabulous! Even better, the holiday was declared by one of our favorite mermaid shows, Siren, so of course we can’t wait to celebrate! As the world’s foremost mermaid expert, I came up with a list of some things a real mermaid lover just can’t live without! (Okay, so what if I had a hand in making most of these – a mermaid doesn’t mind showing off all her treasures!)

The Mermaid Podcast

Have you heard our podcast about real mermaids, history and legends? We have interviewed mermaid experts, real mermaids and mermaid authors! We’ve also covered Siren’s Season 2 Debut, Tidelands, and The Little Mermaid Movie! Our most popular episode is all about the time I went to mermaid camp.

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Mermaid Cheesecake

No-Bake Mermaid Cheesecake Unicorn Cookbook: Easy To Bake!
Unicorn Cookbook: Easy To Bake!
Our hit Unicorn Cookbook is popular with press, parents and kids! Of course, no Unicorn Cookbook would be complete without Mermaid Cheesecake. Try it for yourself!

The Mermaid Gift Guide

shark legggings
What’s better than getting mermaid gifts? Giving mermaid gifts! Check out our handy 2019 Mermaid Gift Guide for lots of mermaid accessories and fun!

A Merman Love Story

Although this story is inspired by The Little Mermaid, it’s for adults only! The King of the Sea just wants to stop his daughter from marrying a human…until he meets a passionate showgirl stranded on the shores of Monte Carlo. If you like silver foxes and steamy romance, this five-star read is for you! Buy on Amazon or wherever books are sold. (Top secret: I wrote this book under my not-so-secret pen name! Don’t tell my dad!)

Cinderly’s Mermaid SeaQuest

Cinderly’s Mermaid Seaquest Game is the cutest underwater adventure game in the seven seas, and we think you’re gonna love it! We even built matching iOS stickers to go with it too! Download now – it’s Free on the App Store!

The Mermaid Handbook

The Mermaid Handbook
We love this book so much we did a whole podcast episode about it! The Mermaid Handbook is a gorgeous compendium of lore, legends, true modern mermaids, fashion and beauty. Whether gifted to a mermaid fanatic, or kept as coffee table treasure, this magical book will help you lose yourself in a the dreamy world of mermaids on land and under the sea.

Mermaid Glitter Pills

best mermaid gifts
Cinderly Glitter Poo Pills now on Etsy
Our Epic Glitter Pill Packs are the hottest thing this side of the rainbow. We couldn’t stop at Unicorn, so of course we also made Mermaid, SeaWith or a Pretty Pretty Princess Packs! These make great novelty gifts. (Not for consumption, mermaids only eat seaweed, obvs!)

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