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An Interview With “The Little Mermaid” Movie, Featuring Poppy Drayton and William Moseley, and Director Blake Harris.


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Episode Info:

There is a new mermaid movie out TODAY! And we interviewed the cast!

“The Little Mermaid,” starring Poppy Drayton (“Downtown Abbey”), and William Moseley (E!’s “The Royals”) will be exclusively releasing the film at AMC Theatres throughout the USA beginning August 17, 2018 including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston & Miami. Watch it now on Netflix.

The story begins by retelling the classic Hans Christian Andersen story, but instead of meeting a tragic end as seafoam, the Little Mermaid is bound to an evil wizard who has trapped her soul in exchange for the chance to win the love of the prince. (BTW, none of this is spoiler-y, this all happens in the first minute of the movie.) The movie’s plot centers around a young reporter named Cam (played by William Moseley) who travels with his niece down to Mississippi to investigate a “miracle mermaid elixir” advertised by a traveling circus. There they encounter a beautiful and enchanting creature whom they believe to be the real little mermaid (played by Poppy Drayton). We were lucky to interview the two leads, Poppy Drayton and William Moseley, joined by writer/director Blake Harris.

A note on the audio: Little bit of trouble on Skype connection, so a couple of times Poppy’s voice drops out. Let’s just pretend it’s because she’s a mermaid and she had to shout from underwater.

Topics covered:

  • what it means to have the heart of a mermaid
  • worldbuilding and creating a unique mermaid mythology
  • training to film mermaid scenes
  • retelling of fairytales
  • healing power of mermaids
  • mermaid’s magic powers
  • transformative power of love
  • challenges of filming mermaid scenes
  • and the million dollar question: Do you believe in mermaids?

Find information about the film and where it’s playing at: http://thelittlemermaid.tv/

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