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Chrissa Sparkles is our Internet Hero Chrissa was once a musical theater performer, now turned on-camera host/personality, it’s about time the world knows about Chrissa Sparkles! Chrissa’s eccentric and bubbly personality may be too much for the...

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Little Sweet Karen

Grab your Minnie Mouse Ears and Hear This! Little Sweet Karen will pull at you “hug” strings. You’ll want to hug that dog, those donuts and darnit, you’ll want to give Little Karen a squeeze too! She loves all things Disney...

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We are Totally on TeamSparkle

A Real Life Disney Pastel Princesss Team Sparkle is a colorful bundle of joy. She is also one of our must follow instagrammers. Her account is not only...


The Seafarer’s Kiss

How Viking Mermaids Might Survive In An Arctic Climate Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Google Play and SoundCloud. The Seafarer’s Kiss by...


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