Disney Fairy Princess Bikini – A Bikini For Every Fairytale Princess

Princess Bikini

Enchanted Princess Bikini Designs Swimsuits For Every Fairytale Princess So You Can Be A Disney Princess At The Pool Or Beach

Your princess cosplay doesn’t have to end at the pool parking lot. Thankfully, Enchanted Princess Bikinis has filled the gap in the princess swimwear industry by creating a swimsuit line that is “inspired by princesses and fairytale characters.” If you have enjoyed some of the princess-inspired fashion coming out of Hot Topic, you will absolutely love what Enchanted Bikinis is offering. We looked through their first collection, and are so excited to show you our favorites. These swimsuits will make your next pool party absolutely magical!

A seashell bikini for every Little Mermaid:

Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty will charm any prince in these pink! blue! pink! blue! pink! bikinis:

Snow White is sweet in a Candy Apple bikini:

Jasmine is sporting a whole new world in the Arabian Nights bikini:

And Emma Watson must own this Belle bikini, right? It absolutely screams live-action Beauty and The Beast!

These bikinis are a dream come true, we just can’t pick our favorite one. Which one do you just have to have? Tell us in the comments below!

Enchanted Bikinis are offered in sizes S-XL. Hurry on over to Enchanted Bikinis and get your princess bikini on pre-order now!

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(Images via Enchanted Bikinis)

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