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hologram hair

Hologram Hair Is Glamor, Glitter, Fashion And Fame!

2017 was the year of Unicorn Hair Dye, but 2018 is going to the be year of Hologram Hair! (#holographichair) Some magical colorists have found a way to make your locks look even more mystical and enchanted than ever.

Hello Giggles pointed out the new trend that people are calling “holographic hair,” and it is one of the most spectacular things we’ve seen this year! Ross Michaels Salon in Seattle, is creating this look using Pravana shades, including Violet, Luscious Lavender, and Blissful Blue, along with Olaplex to lock in the blonde hue.

The look is so dynamic it appears almost translucent, so much so that the shine really does look make it look like a hologram. Instagram is now filling up with the new trend so go check it out!

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