Rancid Royalty: NFTs are here to stay!

The New IMX Rancid Royalty NFT, Is Cute, Funny, and Here To Stay!

The IMX Rancid Royals have the Krypto Kingdom under siege, and our friends at Candy Mountain are fighting sweet tooth and nail to escape their oppressive rule! In the latest attack, they’ve started melting Candy Mountain with a flurry of artificially sweetened clouds! Now the Candy Mountain crew has little time to retaliate, cause at this rate the perma-frosting won’t last long…

Grab your dessert fork (and knives) cause we’re prepared for battle!
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Rancid Royalty & The Krypto Kingdom

Introducing a new NFT drop, Rancid Royalty is a generative art collection of PFP (Profile Picture) NFTs like Cool Cats, Cryptopunks, and Board Apes Yacht Club. Ten Thousand (10,000) Rancid Royal NFTs will be minted on Immutable X, the first carbon-neutral scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum.


Rancid Royal characters are an inspired Battle Royale; think Game of Thrones meets South Park! Using a custom algorithmic code that randomizes layered traits, each Rancid Royal will have a random selection of 299 accessories, facial markers, and weapons.

While most NFTs’ attached metadata consists of descriptive traits, Rancid Royals will be among the first to deliver randomly-assigned “invisible” traits that include LGBTQ+ identities, but only for 20% of the generative art, making these traits extremely rare.

Creator Luke Stoffel, named one of GLADD’s top 100 Artist in New York says, “NFT and tech spaces are often known as centering stereotypically ‘bro’ culture. Making the queer traits rarified–and therefore the most valuable–is a way to invert the power pyramid. The goal is admittedly cheeky: what happens when a bunch of people are clamoring for queerness?”


Rancid Royalty is a backstory-based NFT collection, featuring two “troops” at launch: The Rancid Royals and the Candy Mountain Crew. These two competing factions must battle for power and to save the very atmosphere. Traitors are everywhere….and more factions may appear.
Taking inspiration from real and fictional royal battles, Rancid Royalty NFTs acquired a history long before they appeared in crypto-wallets. This collection has plans to expand with a group of talented writers who work in fantasy, romance, and the comic book world. Phase 2 will include a collaborative story-based NFT project that will evolve the collection’s backstories, side-quests and more.

IMX is the Future!

Immutable X is the first layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum, with instant trade confirmation, massive scalability, and zero gas fees — without compromising user custody. Built by Immutable and StarkWare, our vision is to scale the world’s digital assets in an open and decentralized environment. Immutable recently raised $60 million in Series B funding and will partner with TikTok to launch TikTok’s first creator-led NFT collection.


Rancid Royalty is a Cinderly production. Cinderly was founded in 2015, and has been hailed as a “startup to watch!” by MediaBistro. As a fearless innovator with over 100,000 downloads in the App Store​ we have a proven level for success. All our products, including our successful insta-worthy Unicorn Cookbook, focus on dreaming big and using fantasy and whimsy as tools for self-fulfillment. Basically, everyday we’re sparkling! Rancid Royalty is created by Killer Creative/Artist Luke Stoffel, Power Princess/Writer Laura von Holt, and Developer

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