“Starboy” Shimmers In This Universe

Starboy… What do you mean? Who’s that girl?

This song has been tickling our ears for a few days now, and we are blessed to see the video. This collaboration is one for the history books – The Weekend and Daft Punk are two premiere acts. We are beyond happy to see Daft Punk holding strong and elevating Hollywood’s finest.
Is it just us, or does Starboy remind you of that Bieber vid? What’s with the theme of pop stars getting kidnapped, in pink and blue lights these days? LOL. It’s beautifully shot, and we honestly can’t get enough of hot pink neon crosses, vandalism, and that itty bitty kitty / jaguar. Even if those elements also seem a bit reminiscent of Madonna and “Who’s That Girl.” No matter where director Grant Singer got his inspiration, he has def given us a masterpiece with “Starboy.”
Looking forward to hearing more from Daft Punk soon. Maybe this means they are working on a new album? Let’s hope so!

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