Starscopes: The Kim Kardashian Robbery

The Kim Kardashian Robbery: What Diamonds Can Never Be Stolen From Us

Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris, and it’s no laughing matter. A woman was bound, gagged and robbed. Being a luminary doesn’t mean she “asked” for it. We know the robbers took millions of dollars worth of Kim’s jewelry, but what does this reversal of fortunes mean for our own stockpiles of cosmic energy?

Let’s return to the idea of home invasion. Our culture is obsessed with the idea that our security will be breached. We fear that all we have can be taken from us. The flipside of that is the fear that we will never acquire that which truly fulfills us.

When precious things are taken from us, some common wisdom councils that we should not have flaunted it, that in showing our riches, we risked the inevitability that those riches would be taken from us. You should have known better, they say. Go into hiding, they say. Dare not show your brightness again.

I call that a load of rot. No one asks for misfortune. A woman, especially, should not be punished for her beautiful things, for earning her own damn money and buying her beautiful things. No one tells the stars at night to hide their light.


When we are robbed, of posessions, of ideas, of expereinces. our reaction is often to retreat. The question is, what will you do once you have healed? Will you hide, or will you risk it all again? Will you obey the omnipresent threat of the imaginded thief? Will you let them rob you of your bravery too? There are more diamonds where those came from, darling, let them shine. You were not made to be locked away from the daylight.

Here is a thing that cannot be stolen: compassion. The Dalai Lama says that our enemies are our greatest teachers because they teach us understanding. Understanding that we are stronger than one assault, understanding of what in our lives offers true value. Understanding that resorting to violence just to procure a few shiny rocks offers more information about the thief than the victim.

Hold fast to your bravery, your daring, your urge to shine. You were not made to be locked away from the daylight.

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