The Mermaid Pictures That Were Too Hot For Vogue

mermaid pictures

Controversy alert! Was I serving so much mermaid realness that Vogue couldn’t print it?

If you listened to the Mermaid Camp episode of Cinderly’s Mermaid Podcast, you know that Vogue Magazine sent a photographer to cover Weeki Wachee Sirens of the Deep Mermaid Camp the same weekend that I attended. Being the star that I am, I had a few individual photo shoots of mermaid pictures with the photographer, both in an out of water. Here is proof:


hot mermaid pics
It’s the photographer’s turn to know what it’s like to wear the tail

So did my photos make it into the Vogue spread?



Am I in a fight with Anna Wintour?!!!!!

If so, that means I have made it! I have joined the ranks of Tim Gunn and Roberto Cavalli, both who have thrown some shade Vogue‘s way. My star is on the rise!!!!!!

Now that I think of it, Anna Wintour does live down the street from me. I could just knock on her door and ask what’s up…

Don’t cry me a glitter river, mermaids. I’m not really upset. I have a very popular mermaid empire, so I’m too busy to think much about where my Vogue photos ended up. who knows what the editorial process is like, and every mermaid that made it into Vogue looks gorgeous. If you want to judge for yourself, here are some BTS photos from my photo shoot. Who wouldn’t want to print these mermaid pictures?!

What do you think? Am I in a fight with Vogue or is this all a misunderstanding? Tell us in the comments!

For more BTS on my time at mermaid camp, listen to Episode 1 of Cinderly’s Mermaid Podcast, the show for merfolk and the people who love them.

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