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Melissa McCarthy’s Fashion Line Is About More Than Clothes ?

Have you seen Melissa McCarthy’s holiday fashion from her Melissa McCarthy Seven7 line? It’s sparkly, fun, and amazing…and we’re not just talking about the clothes.

Of her inspiration, Melissa told Vogue, “I just wanted to do a basic closet that I couldn’t find.” That might seem like just an off-handed, basic premise, but it’s hugely important. Whether you’re making a fashion line or just putting together an outfit for the weekend, your creativity can never be fully expressed if you don’t first listen to that little voice inside your head that says, “Hey there, I have an idea!” Clearly that’s what Melissa McCarthy did, and it’s been very successful for her…and for her fans.

We’re also a huge fan of how real her concept is. Not only does her line serve sizes 4-28, but Melissa also told Elle, “I want to make each piece of clothing work 15 different ways.” It’s not just about how many clothes hang in your closet, but how you can make them work for you. When our app launches, we hope our “Fit For You” feature will also help people find fashion inspiration that is fit to their body, and their style.

You might think such a stylish person would have something against the utilitarian uniforms Melissa wears in the upcoming Ghostbusters remake, but Melissa was all for it. “We all really wanted it to be like, you know, we’re saving New York City, we we want to feel tough.” We get it, Melissa. When you’re busy rocking your bad self, you can’t be at all worried about other people’s opinions of you.

That is why Melissa McCarthy’s holiday fashion is about more than clothes. It’s about listening to your creativity, and being fabulous just as you are. And hey, if green slime is what you are currently sporting, work it!

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Photos by Brian Bowen Smith

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