Founder Friday

Founder Friday: Merb’ys In Manhattan

Look who we brought home: A real MerB’y Merman!

In Season 2, Episode 4, Luke and Laura meet a merman! Well, actually, he’s a MerB’y, which is a special group of Canadian mermen who made a “dudeoir” calendar to raise money for charity. We chat with our merman friend on our Mermaid Podcast, and Laura talks about the merman romance novel she just published. Her next novel is definitely gonna star the MerB’ys! Plus, what do you think we should do in 2018?

Our new Candy Mountain donut game is out, and you are gonna love it!

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Founder Friday is a a web series featuring Cinderly’s co-founders, Fairy Boss Mother Laura von Holt and Chief Executive Belieber Luke Stoffel, wherein they chronicle the highs and lows of a startup run on sparkles.

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