Founder Friday

Founder Friday – We Like Results

Results Are Everything, Content Is King

Recap: Our startup launched a sticker pack for iMessage, learned our lessons about contracts, and changed how we check in with our remote team.

This week: our lows were when we had a moment of panic over our contract with our new developers, and when we had to delay a special promotion. Luke’s high was that the updates to our style app are looking good, and we are getting a lot of hits on our blog. Laura’s high was that the “How To Use Stickers in iMessage” video is doing really well – over 1,700 views! – and resulted in more downloads of Cinderly’s Superemoji stickers. Content rules in the Kingdom of Cinderly!

Lessons learned: Educate people so you become the expert, and then they will buy anything you put out there. And, if you make awesome stuff, your team will be energized to be awesome!

Are you a founder? Do you have a startup or a small business? What are your highs and lows? We want to hear from you

Founder Friday is a our weekly series where Cinderly’s co-founders chronicle the highs and lows of a startup run on sparkles.

Style credits:

Luke: Shirt (H&M)

Laura: Tank top (Forever 21), Skirt (Asos), Earrings (Estate Jewels), Ring (Laura Lobdell)


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