Testimonial: Renee

Renee has an active life in working in New York City’s bustling fashion district as a designer! Having landed a steady career in fashion right out of college Renee came to the Don’t Quit Your Day Dream series to explore her deeper creative goals to enhance her products at work. She enjoyed the course because of the creative energy brought on by a wide range of personalities.

“I’ve always had lots of thought and ideas floating around and I didn’t know where to start, but leaving here today, I feel a lot better about starting something in the future.” ~ Renee, Designer

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Luke and Laura have been partners since 2001 when they met each other working backstage on Broadway. They’ve travelled all over the world and gotten into quite a lot of trouble along the way. Two years ago they launched a start-up run on sparkles, and have been having a ball. But opening up their process to you has been the most exciting thing yet.


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