Starscopes: Laurie Hernandez Dances With Lasers on DWTS

Laurie Hernandez, Dancing With Lasers, Through Life And On TV

Laurie Hernandez made another star turn on Dancing With The Stars, this time upping the universal ante. Dancing with stars is out. Salsa with lasers is in. That’s how the pros do it, so we better take notice.

If you have been looking for a spirit guide name, look no further. We should all rename ourselves, “Dances with Lasers.” Begone, female archetypes of virgin, madonna, whore or crone. The women of the world shall henceforth be known as “She Who Dances With Lasers.” Thank you, Laurie Hernandez, gymnast, dancing queen and Spirit of Sequins and Patriotism. The beaded fringe on your sequined bra are showing us the true way. Namaste sequins, amen fringe bikini.

Let this dance homage be like a flashing arrow on the highway of life. Let it point it you where you yearn to go. Where have you been plodding when you could be twirling? What have you put on the sidelines that should take center stage? Where have you forced yourself to groove alone, when you could grab a partner, when you could be spun with joy?

Run your hands down the sides of your body. Thrum with life. Stay on your toes. Dance, dance, dance, even in the darkness. The rhythm will catch you. The sequined fringes of your soul will celebrate you.

Crack open your whole self. Let your light shine like a thousand laser beams.

Starscopes is a weekly series wherein Cinderly’s Fairy Boss Mother interprets the cosmic meaning behind the movements of the stars and other celebrities.

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