Lion & Swan A Colorful Collective!

Childlike Joy Awaits at the Lion & Swan Collective!

Something about opening a gift and finding all sorts of cute goodies just invokes this childlike excitement and sense of happiness. That feeling that is created is why Elyssa started Lion & Swan. She wanted to be able to provide others with that feeling of childlike excitement.

All too often in our everyday lives we get caught up in ‘adulting’, and sometimes that is needed, but we cannot lose sight of the little things that bring us joy. The goodie boxes and other products that The Lion & Swan Collective offer are just small reminders to smile, to laugh, and to just be happy every day.

In addition, Elyssa wanted to create a community where other artists could participate and share their work. Where The Lion & Swan Collective may just be an online store to some, what it really is about, is to provide a platform for likeminded, creative individuals to come together to share their passion and sells their goods.

In each goodie box, Elyssa includes an item from an artist that The Lion & Swan Collective has teamed up with. The artist is selected based on the theme of the box. Also, in the box, includes an ‘About the Artist’ card that let’s you know a little more about them and the work that they do.

Lion & Swan thrives to create an environment to conure up happiness that lies within all of us. It provides products to make you smile and I believe that with every smile leads to another smile and so on. So embrace the small things and wear your smiles with pride!

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