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Halloween DIY Creepy Crawly Spider Suckers!

Halloween DIY Spiders

Supe up your suckers for Halloween!

Take ten and treat your tricksters with a spider surprise…here’s how!

You’ll need:
• Lollipos (We were quick to choose Blow Pops for the bubble gum center!)
• Googly eyes
• Pipe Cleaner
• Glue (We’ve pictured Super Glue here, but after glueing several googly eyes to our fingers, we suggest a hot glue gun or even more simple and kid friendly, Elmers Glue!)

diy giant spider prop

1.Take your favorite lollipop and twist a pipe cleaner one to two times around the stick base closest to the sucker.
2.Twist your second, third and fourth pipe cleaners at slight diagonals to the first to create a fun little body for your spider. Get creative! Make long legs, short legs or different colored legs. (We even made a rainbow spider! Obviously.)

how to make a big spider

Tip: To make your spider bigger, add a fifth pipe cleaner around the middle section by wrapping several times.

3.Bend the spider legs to form joints and adjust to help your spider stand up.
4.Glue the googly eyes (carefully!) onto the middle of the pipe cleaner body.
5. Add embellishments! (We added a fabulous purple bow as pictured!)

Have fun and get creative! There are endless silly, spooky delights you can make with these simple, easy to find items!

See our spider dance on Instagram!

real halloween spider

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