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8 Super Simple Baking Recipes For Your Kids

easy baking recipes for kids

Easy baking recipes for kids to make by themselves

Want your children to learn a love of cooking? What better way to get them started than through their sweet tooth! These basic baking recipes are a perfect place to start (and they’re super yummy, too).

Recipes Kids Can Bake

When it comes to baking, there’s a job for every set of hands in the kitchen — even the littlest ones. Put your young bakers to work with these easy, family-friendly recipes for breads, muffins and more from the Unicorn Cookbook!

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Get the Kids Involved

We’ve all heard the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” — but we think there’s a job for everyone, even the littlest helpers. Food Network Kitchen’s lineup of simple, satisfying baked goods is aimed at young bakers who are eager to get their hands messy. Test them out during your next weekend at home with the whole family.


Try Our Poo-Party Cupcakes

Poo Party CupcakesView recipe here!

These delicious morsels are kid friendly, and super quick to bake. Get your hands dirty and have fun! They are a delight that will have your little ones rolling on the floor!


Jurassic Sugar Cookies

Jurassic Sugar CookiesView recipe here!

This amazing classic we use to bake as kids with our grandmother! She was also teaching us how to roll the dough out super thin, and had the best frosting techniques. The days we spent with my mother baking these in the kitchen as kids will always be our fondest memory.


Peep’s Pizza

Peeps PizzaView recipe here!

In the kitchen with mom was always a great time for the children when we were making rice crispy treats! When I grew up I always knew my mother loved her peeps, and so I turned her classic dish into this was a special way to celebrate her! Now she loves baking Peeps Pizza with her son!


Slubmer Party Popcorn Balls

unicorn popcorn ballsView recipe here!

Grandma knows the quickest way to her grandchildren heart was with Cherry Gelatin Popcorn Balls! We would make these amazing treats with our mother in the kitchen any time before we sat down to watch movies. Now she makes them almost every weekend with the grandkids. Kitchen fun with the kids is always a special time for her.


Dirt Worm Pie

Dirt Worm Pudding PieView recipe here!

Maybe this is a classic only my mom knows, but we loved whipping up some Dirt Worm Pie with her in the kitchen during the hot Iowa summers. This is the most fun a kid can have with their mom cause it doesn’t even need the oven! Baking Dirt Worm Pie with kids has never been so simple or fun!


Lil’ Monster Brownies

Monster BrowniesView recipe here!

These gooey brownies are the perfect snack to try baking with your mom. The chocolate classic is fun and simple, but also is a blast to decorate! Your kids will love figuring out the best places to stick candy and eyeballs alllll over this amazing chocolate masterpiece!


Heart Shaped Blondies

Valentine BlondiesView recipe here!

Who doesn’t love a classic blondie! I mean we could eat these all day long. My mom knew how to bake, and these were one of her specialties. Saturday mornings may have been filled with cartoons, but baking in the kitchen with my mom filled up our afternoons!


No-Bake Mermaid Cheesecake

No-Bake Mermaid CheesecakeView recipe here!

These is an easy one any kid can whip up in no-time. Mom’s help or not, this is one of the easiest ones in the Easy to Bake Unicorn Cookbook (now available on Amazon!) You’ve gotta sit down with your kids in the kitchen and try this one out pronto!

For more easy recipes to make these classics try the Easy To Bake Unicorn Cookbook on Amazon.

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