Starscopes: Beyoncé Stops Her Concert For Love, So Should You

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How The Onstage Engagement at Beyoncé’s Concert Affects Your Astrological Sign

Welcome to Starscopes, wherein Cinderly’s Fairy Boss Mother interprets the movements of the stars and other celebrities and what it means for your personal horoscope.

Queen Bey stopped her St. Louis concert for the highest purpose: True Love. Although the universe never truly stops spinning around Beyoncé, she did change orbit long enough to allow one of her satellite moons, dance captain Ashley Everette, to receive a proposal from her longtime boyfriend, John Silver. After the proposal, Beyoncé and the rest of stadium resumed a rousing anthem for all single people and planets everywhere: If you liked it, then you should have a put a ring on it. Amen Crazy In Love On Top.

Here’s what this surprising star development means for your astrological sign:


All the women who are independent, throw your hands up, impatient Aries. In the concert of life, let someone else set the pace for once.


Cue the giant industrial fan, luxuriate in the way your hair and everything you have created for yourself aims to flatter you. Even when you are not in the spotlight, dear Taurus, you are irresistible.


Are you a dancer or a lover? Are you the proposer or the proposee? Currently, your identity changes with every syncopated beat the universe throws at you. Trust the process, Gemini. You are who you were meant to be.


You may feel the odd one out, Cancer. It can’t always be our turn to be Beyoncé, or the girl receiving a surprise proposal. What we can do is dance through life, hit our marks, and know that our time is coming.


YASSS, Leo, YASSS! You are a stadium, you are thousands of screaming fans, you are the power of love. Take this week between your teeth, run with it. Nothing can stop you.


How many stagehands have to be paid overtime when Beyonce stops a concert? Is it better to be proposed to during a bridge or right before the hook? Gather your thoughts, Virgo, then release them. The details are dragging you down.


You might be going through the motions at work, unaware that wonderful surprises are in store. Enjoy the moment, Libra. Then get back to work. The people need what you have to offer.


Enough with the procrastination and the second-guessing. March up onto that stage, Scorpio. Grab your desires by the hand. Now is the right moment, the only moment. Catch it before it dances away.


You’ve had that partition closed for too long, Sagittarius. You can’t keep all the areas of your life separate forever. Allow the personal and the professional to blend. Beyoncé, like the universe, wants to see your full, integrated glory.


Here you are, waiting in the wings, on the threshold of a major life change. Will you do it alone, or will you ask the world’s most powerful woman to help you? Get some allies, Capricorn, they will help you do it right.


What does it mean to stop a concert for love, Aquarius? Will you shut off all the noise and listen to your heart? Or will you play your part to the end, just because you made a commitment to see it through? Something’s not working, and it’s time to reassess.


Fall in line, Pisces. There will be interruptions and upsets, so get in formation. The universe continues, whether or not you get on board with it. Be drunk in love, let it sweep you away.


DISCLAIMER: I am not an astrologist, just a person who understands starpower. If you are looking for actual celestial guidance, please consult some of my favorite astrologists: Chani Nicholas, The AstrotTwins and Susan Miller.

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