Snap Chat of Our Lives!

Snap Spectacles are our Must Have Christmas Item!

Ok, ok. We know. Snapchat is launching new Glasses to snap with. Yes we are beyond excited… we may never take them off. But have you seen the truly awesome part? Snap chat has finally solved the annoying Portrait/Landscape battle in video… and behold:

Because “Spectacles” uses a 115-degree-angle lens and records video in a circular frame instead of the typical rectangle to make it more akin to the human wearer’s vantage point. This means it is able to publish video so you can view it in either Landscape or Portrait! The world is anew!


Snap, Inc. is Snapchat’s new corporate name because the company has evolved. The glasses are synced to the user’s smartphone so they can share the 10 second videos via Snapchat, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. Spectacles, will be available this fall for $129.99, in black, teal, and coral, according to the Journal.

We honestly are gonna buy all the colors. I already know I am gonna look so good in teal. And we can’t wait to document the rest of this Startup Run on Sparkles with Snaps Spectacles!!! Follow us @cinderlystyle on snapchat!

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