Extras: How To Go Forth & Prosper

Take What You’ve Learned Into Real World Action!

We all know the hardest part of coming to a workshop is applying any of what you’ve learned into your real life! Whether you are going back to work on Monday or starting a new career, we are here to help you apply these tools in everyday situations.

Using This In Your Actual Life

One week later:

– Luke will follow up with a short Brand regroup, sharing with you practical ways to implement your knowledge in your existing channels and systems.
– Laura will follow up with an Accountability Call so you can apply your “a-ha moments” to your new or existing goals.

More Ways to Work With Us…a.k.a. Boarding Your Rocket Ship to Success

Sometimes, a weekend intensive is just not enough. Here are three more ways to continue working with us. We offer several packages for:

Brand Consultation. Get ongoing oversight and input from Luke on your brand’s direction and innovations.
Creativity & Mindset Coaching. Work with Laura to continue vanquishing self-doubt and overcoming obstacles like a boss.
Extended Programs. Join us for a session of CIJ, the 8-week Stanford-based program that changed both our lives!

Email us to learn more about these offers.

Learn More About Our Coaches:

Luke Stoffel: Linked’In | Instagram | Website
Laura von Holt: Linked’In | Instagram | Website

Luke and Laura have been partners since 2001 when they met each other working backstage on Broadway. They’ve travelled all over the world and gotten into quite a lot of trouble along the way. Two years ago they launched a start-up run on sparkles, and have been having a ball. But opening up their process to you has been the most exciting thing yet.

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