Motivational Skills For Creative Success

Get this 3 episode video course to assist making your day dreams come true for only $20! Based on the state-of-the-art methodology taken from the Stanford University Master’s Degree Course “Creativity in Business,” which has revolutionized the art of success. You will learn how to:...

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Cultivate Your Creative Spirit & Build A Day Dream

Personal branding advice, Business Coaching and more. This class is everything you need to start your new or existing efforts off on the right footing. We believe that no matter how you contribute to the world — whether it’s by becoming a doctor or a teacher or a stay-at-home mother — your success at whatever you choose is equally impor­tant. None of these choices is any less valid than another — they are simply different. The world would be a bizarre dystopia if ev­eryone’s value was measured by the same yardstick. We don’t all have the same definition of happiness, and thus we don’t all have the same definition of success.

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Meet The Team of Cinderly, Inc

Luke Stoffel: Linked'In | Instagram | Website
Laura von Holt: Linked'In | Instagram | Website

Luke and Laura have been partners since 2001 when they met each other working backstage on Broadway. They've travelled all over the world and gotten into quite a lot of trouble along the way. Two years ago they launched a start-up run on sparkles, and have been having a ball. But opening up their process to you has been the most exciting thing yet.

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