Super Emoji Deck: Card Game




We made the “Super Emoji Deck”! This is a set of 52 cards and offers a variety of games for players of all ages. With our new SUPER EMOJI DECK you can start playing your favorite classic games with a new twist. Crazy Eights has NEVER been the same. Hearts, Rummy and Go Fish are a ton of fun too!

What’s different with this deck? Instead of your typical deck with hearts, spades, diamonds, etc. we’ve created a whole new suite of multi-cultural characters! Aces of Sparkle Hearts, Queen of Candies, King of the Universe, and the Prince of Poo!

The Breakdown:

Hearts (♥) = Sparkle Hearts

Diamonds (♦) = Donuts

Spades (♠) = Poo

Clubs (♣) = Aliens


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