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Warm up with a cup of Unicorn Cocoa!!

unicorn cocoa hot chocolate

The Hottest in 2018 Unicorn trends ends with a bang!

The unicorn food trend is like the best thing that happened in 2016 right? Unicorn Café, unicorn cakes, and now, we the ultimate experience… unicorn hot chocolate!!!! I think it is all we will drink til’ the end of winter! The confection was created by a fancy dessert parlor Crème and Sugar in Anaheim, California! But we dug deep and figured out how you can DIY this drink on the cheap over the holiday! Interested in more fun ideas? Check out our Unicorn Cookbook!

Named Best Kids Book of 2018 by Red Tricycle!

How to make unicorn cocoa?

Grab these ingredients from the store:

1 Box of White Chocolate Hot Cocoa
1 Bottle of Pink Food Coloring
1 Bag of colored Marshmallows
1 Bottle of Redi-Whip
1 Package of Rainbow Sprinkles!

Directions: Prepare the cocoa, add a touch a pink dye. Top with whipped cream, marshmellows and sprinkles and “Oh la la!” your very own Unicorn Hot Chocolate!

Here is a list of all the ultimate in unicorn experiences that happened in 2016! Leading the pack is our very favorite instagrammer “Team Sparkle” as she dives in and tastes this most delicious holiday cocoa!

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Check out the amazing Hello Miss May and her truly magical Unicorn Cake!

We couldn’t get enough of this amazing pink Unicorn Sundae. It stole all of our confectionary dreams!

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Did you see these insanely cool Glitter Pills help you “Poo like a Unicorn” on Etsy?

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These awesome bagels landed in Brooklyn and we totally want to have breakfast there everyday!

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And finally who wins the year without building the tallest most impressive rainbow cake in the world. OMG! WOW!

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