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Explore another planet in the ride of our lives! Pandora: Behind the Scenes! Disney Parks has shared this new behind-the-scenes look at Pandora, coming to Disney’s The World of Avatar at the Animal Kingdom theme park opens in the summer of...

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Star Lord Returns!

Baby Groot is our intergalactic hero! OMG so thank the starry heavens that Baby Groot is alive! Guardians of the Galaxy 1 directed and co-written by indie wit James Gunn, was our favorite Marvel comic to come out yet. And not to say I was expecting...

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Passengers, We Want To Ride!

120 years in hibernation and they wake up 90 years early. The return of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt this Christmas is going to be epic. This thriller is...


Beyond: Sledgehammer

Rihanna Slays Summer Well it is officially summer and the movie season is in full swing. But nothing has made us happier this summer then the premier of...

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