Sugar Detour

Maroon 5 took us on a journey today.

We meant to write an epic blog about Adam’s new video “Don’t Wanna Know” featuring the gang all dressed up as Pokemon… but we got sidetracked and tumbled down into a collection of happiness that we had almost forgotten about. And it brought us back to a classic… probably, one of our favorite music videos of all time. Sugar.


When Adam, Jesse, Mickey & James take the day off and go galavanting around to every wedding in LA. The video is so good we can’t help but to just well up with joy everytime we watch it. I think this was truly one of the best things in 2015 – aside from Katy Perry’s surprise “Birthday” video which carried much of the same theme. But jealously rings through our entire bodies everytime one of the wedding parties figure out the game. Watching the white curtain drop and hearing Adam burst out in his crystal clear tone to sing “SUGAR!”


I can’t imagine the pure shock these people felt to have Maroon 5 bless their wedding day. The video does a great job of capturing a multitude of emotions… but one of our farvoites is clearly the older asian father who has absolutely no idea what is going on, or who is singing.


Thank you David Dobkin for directing this truly epic music video!

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