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Easy to Bake Unicorn Cookbook!

Named Best Kids Book by Red Tricycle!

We made a cookbook! If you’ve been following our Instagram, you might have caught some behind-the-scenes shots of when we turned Cinderly HQ into a bakeshop/photo studio. Yum, yum! If you’re an ’80s kid who owns a unicorn onesie, the stories behind these recipes are gonna be like Pop Rocks for your soul.

These simple, well-decorated recipes are perfect for sleepovers, sorority events, birthday and pool parties, summer barbecues or a school bake sale. While this cookbook may seem kid-oriented, rest assured, we built it for the child inside all of us. We took Pinterest-perfect recipes, added an 80’s rainbow twist and made it easy for you to say “Nailed it!” Check out our Unicorn Cookbook!


Named Best Kids Book by Red Tricycle!

Scroll down for a glimpse of our show-stopper, Glass Slipper Glaze!

Why make a easy bake unicorn food cookbook?

Well, after admiring all the unicorn food the internet has to offer, we thought, why not add our own recipes the unicorn parade? You see, I grew up baking with my little sister, in my mom’s cherry-colored kitchen, with a set of worn paper cards from my grandmother’s recipe box. My family grew up on the banks of the Mississippi River, and the tradition of sweets ran about as deep in us as that river is long. So it never escaped me that living my life to its fullest potential would also include running a Rainbow Cake Café. Part of realizing my personal daydream meant also finding a way to create and share my colorful world in a way that everyone could enjoy.

After visiting my cousin down in New Orleans, who had been a Sous Chef at Sucre in the French Quarter, I realized the true depths of my grandmother’s influence on all of our lives and I set forth on bringing some of my favorite childhood recipes of hers to life, wrought with the color and fervor of my own influence. By doing this, I hope she’s looking down from above thinking that all of her grandchildren have made her proud.

What’s in the cookbook?

The best part about our cookbook is that every recipe has an “easy bake” option that gives you a shortcut to dessert success! Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just want to make something cute for a bake sale, we’ve got you covered. Highlights of the cookbook include No-Bake Mermaid Cheesecake, Peeps Pizza,Dirt Worm Pie and Poo Party Ganache. Of course, no unicorn cookbook would be complete without Unicorn Hot Chocolate!

We hope you enjoy our unicorn food cookbook renditions of these easy bake childhood favorites. From a school bake sale to a sleepover party, these desserts are meant to fill your bellies and sugar-spike your imagination!

unicorn food cookbook

Glass Slipper Glaze

When leaving a ball and cascading down the front steps, be sure to leave the prince an excellent cake topper, and grab a slice of this royal dessert for the carriage ride home.

Ingredients: Midnight Cake, Mirror Glaze, Belief In Yourself

Growing up in Iowa was the start of my Cinderella story. The magic created there inspired us to start Cinderly, so we could keep making magic everyday!

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