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Princess Party Punch

Princess Party Punch

Try These Princess Party Punch Recipes For The Princess Party Of Your Dreams

Before I was a Fairy Boss Mother, I was just a wee little fairy princess. For times that required a little celebration, my mother would take me to Burger King, so I could wear a crown and drink a pink concoction she invented called Princess Punch. In my mind, Princess Party Punch was the the most fanciest refreshment of all time, and now I am happy to share it with you. Interested in more fun ideas? Check out our Unicorn Cookbook!

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Anything But Basic Princess Punch

  • 1 part tropical punch
  • 1 part 7-Up or ginger ale

Stir, and serve on a table full of glitter while wearing a tiara, or paper crown. To get extra princess power, top with cotton candy.

Once I became a full-fledged Fairy Boss Mother, I wanted to celebrate with something a little more sophisticated, but just as simple and sweet. Here is my take on a mimosa, fit for the ruler of a fairy kingdom.

Champagne Princess Punch Floats (Only for Grown-Up Princesses)

  • raspberry sorbet or rainbow sherbert
  • 1 bottle of champagne (pink or white)
  • frozen or fresh raspberries

Scoop sorbet or sherbert into a champagne flute. Fill with champagne. Garnish with raspberries. Toast to your kingdom!

For more refreshments to go with your Princess Punch, check out our entire selection of Unicorn Food. If you want real drinkable love, we also have Love Potion available on Etsy.

Did you drink princess punch growing up? What are your favorite fancy beverages? Tell us in the comments below.

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