Pretty In Pink With Kitten Kay Sera

Love Pink? Love LA’s Kitten Kay Sera

West Hollywood resident Kitten Kay Sera is another such mystical creature and, like Angelyne, color is a huge part of her flamboyant existence. The Texas-born actress, singer and author is a cupcake come to life, a bubble gum–hued obsessive who lives every single aspect of each day immersed in the color pink. Her hair, her clothes, her belongings and the entirety of her living space (everything down to her kitchenware and toiletries) are some shade of fuchsia, rose, Pepto or hot pink. Sera is monetizing her rose-colored reality even better than Ange these days, too, creating music and books and garnering appearances on TV, all fueled by her passion for the girliest hue on the color wheel.

“I’m what I call a monochromatic,” Sera said at a recent pinky powwow (she served us strawberry Nesquik with pink straws) in her glam-Barbie grotto. “There’s only certain people who do this … live their life in one color. One day, I would love to talk to others and do my own documentary on ‘the monochromatics.’ There are more of us.”

“I’m just always tickled pink all the time,” declares Sera, who even speaks like a confection, with a distinctly sassy Southern drawl (she moved from Texas to L.A. in 1999). “I just love it. It makes me happy, and I always think why not surround yourself with what makes you happy and gives you joy. You have one life, so do what you love and express yourself the way you want.”

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