Poo Party Poker!

From the makers of Kickstarter’s “Easy to Bake Unicorn Cookbook” comes an epic new adventure. For the past year we’ve buckled down and got our heads on straight to come up with 3 insanely fun new games!

In Poo Party Poker each player is trying to get rid of his cards as fast as possible by matching the most emojis. The player left holding the unmatched card, the POO, loses. Full game rules included in the box!
Change up the game: See how the game changes if you decide the winner is the person left with the POO. Call the POO something more rewarding like SPARKLE POO! Cause this $h*! is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!

The Super Emoji Deck is a set of 52 cards and offers a variety of games for players of all ages. With our new SUPER EMOJI DECK you can start playing your favorite classic games with a new twist. Crazy Eights has NEVER been the same. Hearts, Rummy and Go Fish are a ton of fun too!
What’s different with this deck? Instead of your typical deck with hearts, spades, diamonds, etc. we’ve created a whole new suite of multi-cultural characters! Aces of Sparkle Hearts, Queen on Candies, King of the Universe, and the Prince of Poo!
The Breakdown:
Hearts (♥) = Sparkle Hearts
Diamonds (♦) = Donuts
Spades (♠) = Poo
Clubs (♣) = Aliens

There will be a variety of games you can play included in the box. But you can really play any card game that you would play with a regular deck. But be careful this deck might set your grandma’s game night on fire!!!

The Mermaid Match game has over 90 cards and about a million matches! It’s a wet and wild crazy time under the sea! Mermaids can be matched two ways, by the colors of their tails or by the smiles on their faces! I mean these mermaids have a range of emotions!
The game give you the chance to splash your neighbor with these fun twists, like skip a turn, change the color or make your neighbor draw two more cards!!!

We know some people had a hard time coming to grasp with the new Arial, but our mermaids are from all over the world!!! I mean we are talking from New York to London, from Ibiza to LA! One might actually be interstellar!

For a limited time you can order our very special Donut Enamel Pin!!!

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