Pink Parade with Lizzie Darden

We’ve got an Insta-Crush for Lizzie Darden

Lizzie Darden is a recent graduate of University of North Florida with a BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design and Digital Media. She has a strong passion for digital illustration, but also loves branding and motion design.

What you should know:

She likes to petition for sprinkles to be made their own group on the food pyramid. You can add sprinkles to almost anything and *BAM* it’s an instant party. (But don’t go blaming her if your sprinkled burrito tastes bad. Use sprinkles wisely).
She almost loves cats more than people. It’s not that she dosn’t like people—on the contrary she says she’s a “people person” if you could excuse her awful cliche—she just really loves cats.
She has watched 30 Rock in its entirety about six times (and counting). Altogether that’s probably a whole month of her life and she dosn’t even regret it for a second.

If your brand is searching for someone to provide unique, quirky posts for social media, she’s your your gal. And she loves to collaborate with all sorts of brands!

Be sure to check out her Store it’s about the coolest thing we’ve ever seen.

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A photo posted by Lizzie Darden (@lizzie_darden) on

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