Museum of Ice Cream!

The Museum of Ice Cream Is The Pastel Bubble Gum Paradise of Our Dreams.

The Museum of Ice Cream promises to tap into childlike memories of summer days and ice cream cones. Recently the exhibit was on display in NYC. But the originator and artist Ms. Bunn is taking it to LA and said there is a chocolate room, which has an almost sickly sweet smell of syrup. There is a chocolate bean bag in the middle of the room, where Ms. Bunn flops and beckons guests to look at the swirling liquid chocolate projections on the wall.

Ms. Bunn says when she was a kid she always wanted to jump into a pool of Sprinkles. Well she took her childhood fantasies and made them a reality because in the middle of this installation is a giant pit of sprinkles – and their’s only a few rules one is “No Shoes.” But she says don’t worry they change out the sprinkles regularly.

The museum quickly sold out when it was in NYC, but you can now reserve tickets for the Los Angles Pop-up Coming Soon!

Check out their Instagram! It’s amazing.

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