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We’ve stumbled apon the cutest little Esty shop this side of the world. MightyPop specializes in fun and colourful design, often with pop-culture influences. Each item starts out as an illustration before becoming a cheery little accessory. We are happiest when we are creating in our studio in Manchester, UK. We hope you love our pieces as much as we do!

Founder Sarah McCue says after she quit her job, she had two choices: get another job or make another job.

“I’m not a very confident person, and my biggest weakness is coming across well in job interviews. I was struggling to get a new job after I quit, so I decided to make myself a job!” Sarah said.

Sarah utilized every resource she had from free online business classes to loans to local groups to get started on following her passion.

As a result of starting her business, Sarah has welcomed a huge support system of other kick-ass girlbosses on Instagram and through her shop.

“Every day I feel like I belong a little more to an awesome online girl gang, which I wouldn’t have if I never started MightyPop,” Sarah said.

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A photo posted by Sarah McCue ( on

A photo posted by Sarah McCue ( on

A photo posted by Sarah McCue ( on

A photo posted by Sarah McCue ( on

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