Mermaid Mika, The Skeptic’s Sea Witch

landlocked mermaid

A Landlocked Mermaid Helps Skeptics Believe That Mermaids Are Real

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Meet Mermaid Mika, the Skeptic’s Sea Witch from St. Paul, Minnesota. Yes, you can be a mermaid even when you are landlocked! Mermaid Mika is a tarot-card reader, a swim coach and a clown. She shares with us some of of her many talents, including tarot reading, shell casting, bubble work and making gangs of skeptics believe in mermaids. Mermaid Mika teaches our host, Laura von Holt, how to say hello in the mermaid language of “Mermish,” her tricks to fitting into her mermaid tail, and why skeptics are her favorite clients.

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About the author

Laura von Holt, Fairy Boss Mother

Laura von Holt is the Fairy Boss Mother of Cinderly. Her goal in life is to lead the first fairy godmother empire, be the Lisa Frank of the Digital World, and make magic real for sparkle unicorns and boss ladies everywhere. A triple threat, Laura is a Pulitzer Prize contender, a Certified Fairyologist and a graduate of Weeki Wachee Sirens of the Deep mermaid camp. She writes romance novels under the pen name of Laura Lovely.


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