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The Mermaid Fantasy Frappuccino

Starbucks Has A New Fantasy Frappuccino That Comes With A Chocolate Mermaid Tail

It’s no secret that Starbucks has the best-tasting frappuccinos in the world. And it’s also no secret that the giant coffeehouse company also makes the best-looking frappuccinos too. You only need to take a look at this Fantasy Tail Frappuccino to prove this point. Sure, we’ve seen a lot of lovely beverages from Starbucks. But nothing is as mesmerizing and symbolic as this mermaid-inspired crème-based Frappuccino.

So. this summer-themed Frappuccino comes in an enchanting pink-colored blend of mango and dragon fruit flavors. The beautiful pink beverage also features swirls of white crème and blueberry powder to bring a more fantastical color to the drink. It is topped with whipped cream and sprinkles of blueberry powder. And the drink is complete with a mermaid tail chocolate on the top.

Starbucks Taiwan Unveils The Fantasy Tail Frappuccino For The Summer

Apparently, the mermaid tail element appears to be a reference to the double-tailed mermaid on the Starbucks logo. Not to mention, summertime is also called the ‘mermaid season’ so it all makes more sense. Unfortunately, the charming Fantasy Frappuccino is exclusively available at Starbucks locations in Taiwan. Furthermore, it is listed as a limited-time offering so they’re likely to be around in summer months. It is available in small cup, medium cup, large cup (Grande) and extra-large cup (Venti).

But, no matter how much we want to have this Frappuccino, our only chance is to go to Taiwan, which is not possible as of the moment. Unless if by some miracle it finds its way to the United States, then that would be great. But for all of us outside Taiwan, all we could do is stare at these beauties and daydream. This mermaid-inspired drink is indeed the embodiment of our summer fantasies.

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Source: Starbucks Taiwan

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