A Live Action Little Mermaid – Now on Netflix

There’s A New Little Mermaid In Town, And She Will Help You Find Your Heart.

The first trailer for the live-action The Little Mermaid movie is here, and it looks magical. Where she comes from they have a fairy tale about a little girl blessed with the heart of a mermaid. Based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale rather than the Disney movie, this new take follow a young girl (Loreto Peralta) who discovers a beautiful, enchanting woman who she believes is the real “Little Mermaid.”

The story takes place in Mississippi in 1837, when a young girl and her older brother travel to a fair where the mythical mermaid is said to be held. The beautiful mermaid has sold her soul, though, and she can’t live without it or else she’ll die. From what we can tell, the girl and her brother embark on a rescue mission to save the little mermaid.

Another thing we know for sure is there will be singing in the movie. The mermaid herself is seen singing in the trailer, however it doesn’t seem that we will hear a Jamaican crab harping a chorus of “Under The Sea,” guess we will have to wait a few years for that.

Watch it on Netflix and listen to our interview with the cast on The Mermaid Podcast.

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