Katy Perry Loves A Witness Tour Recap

Will You Be My Witness, From The Drop Zone, At The Katy Perry Witness Tour In Brooklyn!

There is nothing better in life then being up close and personal with some Katy Perry action! Katy’s 2017 Witness Tour surely did not disappoint. Cinderly’s very own Fairy Boss Mother and Chief Executive Beleiber had standing room tickets in the drop zone and we basically LOST OUR MINDS! From her glitter and metallic gold costumes, to the giant eyeball Katy flew out of when she entered the Barclays arena it was one grand 80’s flashback spectacle after another.

Some of our top moments of the night were when Katy ascended from the bottom of the stage in full pant suit regalia and sang California Girls. We did our best to contain our excitement but as you can tell from the video clip below we got bouncy and a little out of control right before Katy flew 50 feet above the stage on a yellow contraction beam with 8 of her dancers in costumes that screamed full 80’s nostalgia.

After California girls Katy drops her top dawning a LED screen that beams HOT & COLD then as giant flamingos strut from backstage Katy grabs a guitar and begins to strattel 2 giant cubes and she belts out her classic hit!

Fast forward about 3 songs and the stage transforms into a toxic garden full of 8 foot roses with 12 inch thorns and a giant Venus fly trap takes center stage as Katy beings to sing one of our all time favorite songs “Extraterrestrial.” As a giant black and white man walks out on to the stage with circus stilts dressed as a fly and proceeds to stalk Ms. Perry all around the set. We surely thought nothing could make us more happy but as the dancers descend into the stage Katy strikes a pose center stage and performs Bon Appetit, and bebe do we loose it!

But this all lead up to our favorite part of the entire concert where Katy pulls our her acoustic guitar climbs on top of the rings of Saturn and strums “thinking of you.” The song is already one of our favorites but Katy then asks the entire audience to turn on their flashlight and fill the auditorium up with stars, and as she flys around on the planet the whole place lights up like twinkling stars. Then as if dreams could come true Katy’s planet floats down to the mini stage in the drop zone right where we are standing and Katy calls a couple up to the stage and the woman purposes to her girls friend right in front of 20,000 people! Read all about that here in the Fairy Boss Mothers Starscope report on Love Is Love.

After the most amazing engagement I will live my whole life trying to live up to… Katy perry to our amazement walked down a flight of stairs into the pit singing “Goddess” and literally TOUCHED US!!!! As she climbs back on stage she sings the rest of the song with 16 foot wings on her back on a pedestal 30 feet in the air.

In a triumphant 3rd act Katy speeds back on stage on a motorcycle adorning a electric blue plastic Tron suite and breaks in to “Hey, Hey, Hey,” “Part of Me,” before elevating the crowd into her latest hit “Swish, Swish.” As a enormous basketball hoop flys down from the rafters Katy pulls her self up through the hoop and slam dunks this hit!

But no Perry concert would be complete if we didn’t have a little “Roar” to close out the show. With a giant floating lion head about the entire stage Katy brings the audience to their feet and finishes the concert is sure jubilation… that is until everything goes black and a grecian hand claws its way out of center stage and Katy dressed in head to toe glitter beings to sing “Firework” as a beautiful ballad. But in sure Perry fashion she turns up the beat and the crowd goes insane as fireworks launch from stage 100 feet in the air and light the whole Barclays Center up. I think I passed out as I don’t remember anything after that moment but the Fairy Boss Mother assures me I was awake as star confetti flew down from the ceiling kissing our foreheads.

And that my friends is how you spend an unforgettalbe Wednesday night in Brooklyn, with best friends, fun, and Katy Perry!

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