Katy Perry Goes Nuclear! (Video)

Katy Perry Goes Nuclear Family During The Winter Of Our Discontent

OMG, OMG, OH MY GOD!!! We’ve kinda been waiting for new Katy Perry music like it is our job, but if this video of any indications of the kind of sugar-pop fun Katy has in store for us this year! COUNT US O.M.G. IN!!!! Katy really isn’t going to put politics aside this year, it is clear that it will be a strong centerpiece, visually, metaphorically and lyrically for her… and we are in LOVE!

From the 1950’s Future Family Fun Park to the Nuclear Blast Cotton Candy Katy is serving us up some subversive political realness. The only thing this video is missing is a “Make America Great Agian” Ferris Wheel that slowly crumbles to dust as you ride it. The video is a clear mix of Banksy’s Dismaland Theme Park and some amazing Neon Pastel Lisa Frank Paradise. Which is clear in the costumes of the people lining up to run in a hamster wheel, or in line to be catapulted off the edge of the world, to Katy’s subtle score of 17 on the validation meter during her ride on the Love Me Roller Coaster. But what we love most is this video’s full-fledged commentary on the nuclear family of yester-year, and the pure stupid amazement that most of these American’s are willingly signing up for their doom as they wait in line for almost every attraction.

When Katy starts to wake from the dream-like nightmare, Skip Marley breaks through the TV Screen and raps his powerful interlude, and this video goes full tilt as roller coaster cars start to blast off their tracks and the chorus of dancer spin mindlessly wild on their tracks around Katy and she in her metallic futuristic pantsuit stares deep into the nations eyes provoking the question – How did we let this reality TV, bubble gum, nightmare happen…

Picked up any other subtle doomsday hints? Tell us in the comments below!

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