Don’t Quit Your Day Dream: The Essential Gratitude Journal

A Rainbow-Powered Gratitude Journal For Creative Entrepreneurs

The Don’t Quit Your Day Dream Essential Nightstand Gratitude Journal is a unique gratitude journal for daily goal setting and creative vision. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a creative looking for a breakthrough, this gratitude journal will help you deepen your creative practice, expand your intuition and manifest all your daydreams into reality! Use it as a part of your morning routine to transform your drib-drab world into a truly technicolor rainbow life!

Dreams may be a wish your heart makes, but you need a plan to make them happen. That’s why we’ve included prompts to help you marry action with inspiration. Each day, you’ll name one inspired action you can take towards your goal. Whether it’s a small step or a big leap, it just has to be something that brings you closer to living your dream.

We hope you use this journal each morning, but if you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up. Just saddle up your trusty unicorn, pick up the journal and get pack on the sparkle path to success. At the end of a year, this journal will be a fantastic snapshot of how awesome you are, and how far you’ve come!

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Meet the creators:
Lucas Stoffel and Laura von Holt are the co-founders of Cinderly, a start-up run on sparkles. Named as “startup to watch” and with 100,000 downloads, Cinderly has proven success in the App Store. Luke and Laura have been partners since 200, when they met each other working backstage on Broadway. They’ve travelled all over the world and gotten into quite a lot of trouble along the way. Two years ago they launched a start-up run on sparkles, and have been having a ball. But opening up their process to you has been the most exciting thing yet.

Laura von Holt is an entrepreneur and author. Her innovative personality and brand have been an inspiration to hundreds of artists living in NYC. She is well known for her speaking series “Don’t Quit Your Day Dream!” and has been featured at SXSW & Seriesfest.

Luke Stoffel is a branding and digital expert, having spent the last 10 years working in NYC’s top advertising firms for clients like the U.S. Open and Coca-Cola. During this time he also worked teaching Master Classes around with world with Hyper Island, a school for Innovation based out of Stockholm, Sweden.