A Game of Conversation Hearts

A Game of Conversation Hearts

Looking to fall in love? Foster a more interesting relationship with your partner? Or just get to know someone for the first time? Get The Game of Conversation Hearts!

Why did we create this game?
Well, I was on an extended third date – island hopping with a boy. And after the second day, of this four day trip, we kinda ran out of things to do and talk about… so I pulled out a deck of cards and started to make up a conversation game. When I asked the boy what his life was like growing up I was flabbergasted. He told me his family ran a farm and his favorite part in the summers was working the fields with his brother’s and sister. Well suddenly I was seeing my date in a whole new light!
How do you play?
There are 3 packs to this game a beginner pack, an advanced pack, and a special after dark pack. Each with three levels each.

The first level of the beginner deck is a speed dating is a series. A number of quick question, to get the basics. Favorite movies, pets, etc.
The next levels of the beginner pack 1st and 2nd date. This gets into it a little more. Deeper question to help cultivate an interesting conversation about your lives up to this point. You can buy this pack alone or add on the advanced pack.
What is the advanced pack?
Here we start asking the serious questions that help you get to the next stage. There’s a relationship level, a engaged level, and a married level. (You do not have to be any of those things to play this pack it’s just branding.) There’s some more intimate questions in this pack, questions about your past, questions about what you want in your future, and some adventure questions and tasks that help to spice up your relationship!
This game is best played with honesty, so if you aren’t ready to tell the truth, or hear the truth you may just wanna stick to the beginner deck.

… wait there’s more, a very special After Dark pack!
It’s where my friends romance writing skills come in handy. It’s a … hubba, hubba, hubba pack. That helps you get a little more hands on. Yup, this pack is all about getting way more intimate.

How exactly is each game played?
Each level is a series of cards. Split the cards between you and your partner and take turns asking each other questions. Lay the first card on the table, and exchange a series of answers for the card at hand. Note that each person gets one chance to skip a card if the feelings hit a little too close to home.

A skip requires a no questions asked policy. Respect the skip and move on. The game should last about 45 mins in order to gain some real intimacy, so share the details of your story!
What’s the low down on After Dark?
This deck is played a little differently than the rest of the game. You find a cozy spot, couch or something a little more flat. And pull one card as a couple, and act out the task or mission on the card. A lot of the times this game is only played one card at a time over a series of evenings or weekends. It’s a fantasy deck!

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