Unicorn Food

Galaxy Unicorn Cupcakes

What happens when your friends come over for a baking party? Galaxy Unicorn Cupcakes, that’s what!

The kitchen was a mess of glitter, frosting and fondant this weekend when all our friends piled into the kitchen and got to baking the most delicious Chocolate Galaxy Unicorn Cupcakes we’ve ever seen. It dosn’t take much to turn the Cinderly Head Quarters into a party, but in a flurry of sparkles I have to say we’ve never quite seen it transform so quickly. Interested in more fun ideas? Check out our Unicorn Cookbook!

Named Best Kids Book of 2018 by Red Tricycle!

If your a lover of Unicorn food like we are you will have to check out the how-to video above, to style your next most magical treat! Cynthia Wang (local chef and art extraordinaire) spread fun, love, and magic all over these masterpieces and we couldn’t be happier as the girls (our very own Fairy Boss Mother & and our Most Famous Romance Author Julia Kelly) came over to share in our unicorn treat.

What’s up next for our baking madness? Keep an eye on this spot to find out. Surely the treats will flood our social pages like never before.

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