Founder Friday

Introducing Founder Friday – Mercilessly Fun!

Founder Friday – Mercilessly Fun Startup!

Welcome to our new video series: Founder Friday! Cinderly’s Chief Executive Belieber and Fairy Boss Mother tell you the highs and lows each week of a startup run on sparkles. In this episode, find out about why we love rejections and our new resolution to be MERCILESSLY FUN!

We started #FounderFriday because we think the process of running a startup, (especially with your best friend!) is super interesting! There are a lot of highs, a lot of lows, and if you don’t keep your head on straight, it can be drama-rama!

In July, Luke and Laura launched their style app, Cinderly. While it is undergoing some updates, they resolved to only make products that were mercilessly fun! Enter, the Cinderly Superlike emoji sticker pack for iOS 10!

Last week, Luke was frustrated when his press outreach received some sharp rejections. Luke and Laura agreed that the rejections was actually a positive, because it means they can add it to their goal of getting 90 rejections. Laura was disappointed when Apple rejected the new Superlike sticker pack. How could all those sparkly super emojis be wrong?

Luke’s high was that a test ad for the Cinderly Superlike sticker pack got 42 shares! That might sound like small peas to some, but in the Kingdom of Cinderly, every bit of starpower counts! The highlight of Laura’s week was when Luke made her a GIF of Cinderly’s new mermaid emoji. Laura was excited to have the GIF, but more importantly, she was happy Luke admitted she was right that they needed it.

Stay tuned for next week, when these two founders share what happens after their product launches on iOS 10.

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