Founder Friday

Founder Friday: Uber Pool Pitch

Uber Pool Pitch: Where’s Our Investor?

OMG we are so nervous! Last night we heard that Uber was running a program called POOL Pitch. All you do is order an Uber using a special code, and a car carrying an investor will pick you up, giving you seven minutes to pitch your startup to a venture capitalist. Of course we wanted to do it! Would Uber be the magic pumpkin carriage that got us to the Fully Funded Ball of our dreams?

Watch the video to find out what happened when we tried to join #POOLPitch, and for other highs and lows from this startup run on sparkles.

Lessons learned: Constantly refresh your phone, always be prepapred to pitch, and remember that you never know when the investor of your dreams will arrive into your life!

Are you a founder? Do you have a startup or a small business? What are your highs and lows? We want to hear from you

Founder Friday is a our weekly series where Cinderly’s co-founders chronicle the highs and lows of a startup run on sparkles.

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