Founder Friday

Founder Friday – Make Epic Sh!t!

Two Co-Founders, On A Quest to Make Epic Sh!t!

Recap: Last week, we wrote a blog about glitter poo pills, and it took off! So, we decided to make some epic sh!t of our own.

This week, Luke has created the real life version of our sparkle poo sticker! Our glitter poo pills are now on sale on Etsy.

Laura shares some highlights of her trip to Hawai’i, and shows off her new mermaid tail. Her high was that even though Cinderly was not accepted into an incubator program, they were invited to that same program’s demo day! They are still excited to get an opportunity to pitch investors and show off their product.

Lesson learned: When one opportunity closes, another one opens. And, make epic sh!t!

Founder Friday is a our weekly series where Cinderly’s co-founders, Fairy Boss Mother Laura von Holt and Chief Executive Belieber Luke Stoffel, chronicle the highs and lows of a startup run on sparkles.

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