Founder Friday

Founder Friday 10: We’re Back!

We Have Glitter and Holiday Cheer!

Recap: When last we saw you, we had a new Sparkle Poo sticker pack for iMessage, and our glitter poo pills started selling on Etsy.

Our high is that Laura only had 10 minutes to make a big impression on a phone call with a big company, and now they want to have a meeting. Success!

Our only low is that Etsy had a problem with our marketing for our glitter poo pills, so now we have to call them just “glitter pills.” Tomato, to-mah-to, it’s all glitter to us!

Lesson learned: Always be over-prepared for a meeting. Even if it’s only ten minutes long, you never know what they might ask.

Founder Friday is a our weekly series where Cinderly’s co-founders, Fairy Boss Mother Laura von Holt and Chief Executive Belieber Luke Stoffel, chronicle the highs and lows of a startup run on sparkles.

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