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Flamin’ Hot Pop-Tarts!

Someone Made Flamin’ Hot Pop-Tarts Because Why Not?

Pop-Tarts while delicious are usually also full of things you shouldn’t really have for breakfast. Like all that sugar. But hey if you can replace that with something even worse why wouldn’t you? Well Josh from Mythical Kitchen decided to show us all how to make the best of the worst kind of Pop-Tart. So now you can make your very own to eat and try, or maybe prank your friends that come to stay over for breakfast.

This video from Mythical Kitchen has over one million views! So either people are morbidly curious or they are loving using this recipe on the daily. He’s smashed Pop-Tarts and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos together and what came of it, well watch and see.

It’s really impressive to see how many steps and ingredients he has to go through to make the perfect(?) Pop-Tart. He made it from start to finish, making the dough, filling and showed us all how to put it together. Then you bake and cool it, add the frosting and sprinkles and you can toast it.

He also made the box for it which actually looks really cool. I can totally imagine these being sold on the shelf at the grocery store. I mean if they can make sickly sweet unicorn pop-tarts why not sell savory/ hot ones that will burn on the way in and the way out?

If you want to check out more of Mythical Kitchen’s videos you can by following the link here. Next up on my to try list, Gatorade Muffins!

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By Breana Ceballos

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