Etiquette of Commenting!

The evolution of the comment has made internet 2.0 what it is today. Founders of the first blogs are accredited to bringing community and a sense of togetherness to the internet in the late 80s and early 90s. Reddit boards, and yahoo answers are sites that hold the power of the comment. Up until this day, I’ve read some deep, deep thoughts on Yahoo Answers about love, sex and the most pressing health concerns. Now in 2016, commenting has become the essence of bullying and shaming. Trolls and other horrible people of the internet take it upon themselves to abuse the comment box to spread racist and derogatory statements with no repercussions.  Due to the fairly recent evolution of social media, people feel empowered to speak their mind with no filter. Comments are treated like the rodeo of the internet. The old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say…don’t say it at all” should be a rule for commenting on any article. No cursing, no racist remarks, no fighting. If you disagree with something, back it up with facts and don’t write an essay it’s a comment, not a thesis.

More organizations are finding that comment moderation is key with any online editorial team, while some sites have even eliminated the comment box all together because they just can’t deal with the extra work. It takes a team to moderate the comment box because it does live as its own community of conversation that sometimes has nothing to do with the content the website may have posted in the beginning for a comment box to even exist.  Hip Hop blogs and gaming boards are among the most popular commenter sites. There are widget add-ons like DISQUS that aggregate all the comments from a user on sites that use the technology so you can follow the user’s activity. There are private schools that teach Generation Z students how to act in a comment box. Lessons are basic ideas of respect. Just because you can’t see someone online physically, doesn’t mean you can’t be polite.  When you comment, stay on topic of whatever article you are reacting to, comment for positive feedback and to add insight. Never use threatening words.

About the author

Melissa Henderson

Melissa Henderson is a writer and content strategist. Her work can be seen in books, magazines, and popular blogs. Currently, Melissa is writing and designing Violet Summer Zine, a book produced by collaborators in the marketing, entertainment and fashion worlds. Issue 2 focuses on fashion and music. It features Kilo Kish's photos from a disposable camera, music-inspired madlibs, a fashion comic, and a highly suggestive story about a couple's internet dramatic relationship. Violet Summer Zine is presented by Mel Writes, LLC , a design and technology driven boutique writing company by Melissa Henderson. The zine is chick literature for the internet-obsessed.