Diary of a Fashion Intern: Entry 2

New York, NY – How To Eat Like An Intern.

Being a New Yorker, I definitely have pretty high standards when it comes to an egg and cheese sandwich in the morning. Based on my excursions across the U.S., I have learned that delis are a true New York luxury. I have yet to find a place outside of the Tri-State Area that can do it just as well. With that being said, I need to get all the deli sandwiches I can while I am home, which leads me to my experience of a breakfast cart on the corner of 8th Ave.

When you think of NYC street food, it’s usually hot dogs, pretzels and gyros. Right outside of the office I always pass a particular breakfast cart that always has people in line, indicating that it is, in fact, edible. A majority of the cart is made of glass, causing your mouth to water looking at all the donuts, bagels, croissants and assorted pastries. Seeing that there was no formal menu, it surpassed my first hesitation. When a deli has little to no menu, indicating for you to list the ingredients you want, that’s when you know they can make a great sandwich.

donut cart


Surprisingly, I don’t have a formal lunch break at work. We have time to get food, but it is brought back to the office where almost everyone eats and works simultaneously. I really don’t mind it, but it means that my meals are much more valuable to me than an average person. 5 minutes after I ordered, I was walking away with what I didn’t know was about to be the most most satisfying breakfast of my life. Their friendliness and super-fast service was perfect for someone like me who needed a quick meal. Despite it being absolutely delicious and my plans to return, I am pretty sure my little brown bag stunk up the elevator on my way in. Yes, kind of awkward but it was totally worth it. #DiaryOfAnUnpaidFashionIntern


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Gabrielle Egger

Originally from New York, Gabrielle moved west to study at the University of Colorado at Boulder to experience a different style of life. She has a passion for all things fashion related, loves eating healthy, going on adventures, writing, taking pictures and has an abundance of succulents.


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