You’re Doing Great!

You’re Doing Great is a podcast all about trying your best and keeping it real!

A new podcast from Laura von Holt, host of The Mermaid Podcast. Stay tuned for creative inspiration and motivation from The Fairy Boss Mother herself. Whether you are writing a book, starting a business, changing careers or just trying to get out of bed, these short-n-sweet pep talks will put the sparkle back in your step.

Keep trying, you’re doing great!

About Your Host:Laura von Holt is an entrepreneur, a creative coach (business coach/life coach) & co-founder of Cinderly, a start-up run on sparkles. Her innovative personality and brand have been an inspiration to hundreds or artists living in NYC. She is well known for her speaking series “Don’t Quit Your Daydream!” and has been featured at SXSW & Seriesfest.

Laura is a captivating voice for women of all ages, and works as a coach to harness self-expression and goal setting, while battling the patriarchy and other oppressive forces, like self-doubt! Laura is an expert in the arena because she has followed a life of passion. Whether she is writing plays that earn her top marks by in the New York Times, or wild romance novels, she is a beacon to follow – which is easy to do because she leaves a trail of glitter behind her.


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