Start Real Creative Change In Your Life When You Book This Workshop

What if a few weeks from now, you looked back on your life and stood in awe of the change you made, the transformation you experienced, and the possibilities that now exist?

Whether you are looking for a new job, defining your personal brand, or simply looking to change an area of your life, this course is filled with practical tools and powerful techniques that will ignite self-discovery, awaken personal insight, and empower you to step fully into the life you desire!

What Is Included In This Video Workshop:

– 3 Intensive Video Courses
– Handouts & Materials To Make Your Day Dream Real
– Sparkles, Community, & Awesomeness

What’s With All The Rainbows & Sparkles?

Hey, we built a fully functioning Start-Up entirely run on ingenuity and sparkles. Never underestimate the presence of some glitter. During this one-day intensive, you’ll begin to cultivate the beginnings of your own unique brand, and if it’s full of sparkles we will consider ourselves honored.

Get All 3 Videos For ONLY $20.00!