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Baby Shark Cereal Is A Thing!!!

Let’s Goto The Store! Baby Shark Cereal Hits Breakfast Tables Soon!

Kellogg’s is launching a Baby Shark breakfast cereal just in time for Shark Week.

The whimsical cereal includes berry-flavored loops and marshmallows. The company said the arrival of the new product coincides with “a popular week for discussing sharks.”

“We know Baby Shark is a catchy tune that has captured the hearts of many families,” Kellogg marketing director Erin Storm said in a statement given to INSIDER.


“New Kellogg’s Baby Shark cereal was created to expand on the joy families feel in a tasty way,’ she added.

Kellogg’s Baby Shark cereal is the result of a partnership with Pinkfong, the children’s educational brand of Smart Study, a South Korean educational entertainment company that created the song.

The cereal includes berry-flavored loops and shark-shaped marshmallows.

The cereal will be available available at Sam’s Club starting August 17 and Walmart in late September.

“Baby Shark” is a catchy South Korean educational song that captivated millions when it went viral earlier this year. The song was so popular, it made it on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and inspired an upcoming television show.

A number of celebrities, including Cardi B and John Legend, also took to social media to express their love for the tune.

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